Lessons from a cloud architect

Cloud computing has revolutionised the way digital applications are being developed. Mr Gregor Hohpe, former technical director in Google Cloud’s office of the CTO, highlighted the importance of replaceability, resilience and requirements in cloud deployments, as well as the changing roles and responsibilities of cloud architects.

In the past, to be an architect was to plan and design buildings for people to live, work and play in. Fast forward to our modern, digitalised world, and a different breed of architect has emerged—rather than dabble in physical spaces, these new-age builders and developers deal with IT systems and software, creating applications in the virtual realm that are disrupting the way we do things online as well as offline.

Cloud computing architecture, like the plumbing and electrical wiring that runs through cities, is now almost essential for most organisations to run their day-to-day operations—just think about the unprecedented efficiency and convenience provided by data storage applications like Google Drive and Dropbox. But more than a ubiquitous hard disk drive, the cloud has become a bedrock for innovation, allowing governments, businesses and individuals to create, test, deploy and scale their ideas for digital applications.

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