How to get ahead of the curve when IoT converges with AI

IoT devices collect vast amounts of data, making AI essential for sifting through the noise to produce actionable insights. Here are four points you should think about when developing or deploying an AI-IoT solution.

Like unrefined gold ore, the raw data accumulated by millions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices means nothing without some form of analysis—also known as ‘data mining’. Rather than perform data mining manually, many organisations are marrying IoT with artificial intelligence (AI), essentially automating the process of distilling insights from what would otherwise just be noisy information.

During a discussion titled ‘Where AI Meets Industrial IoT—Key Considerations for Instrumenting & Integrating Intelligence for Business’ at the IoT Asia 2019 conference, a group of experts shared ideas on how to effectively leverage AI and IoT to create value. We bring you four key takeaways from the session.

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