Digital leaders face the triple challenge of mounting global uncertainty, increasingly competitive markets, and the disruption caused by exponentially advancing technologies. In the face of these challenges, digital leaders are increasingly focused on three tier approach to helping their organisations get the most out of technology, create new opportunities, and minimise the risk of possible shocks. These three levels encompass:

  • Future-proofing the IT function through regular and robust future readiness assessments
  • Regular technology horizon scanning road mapping to prepare for the ever quickening pace of technology development and disruption
  • Building the capability to lead through an integrated approach to Learning at speed, Innovation, Foresight, and Transformation (LIFT).

The programmes below are designed to help current and emerging digital leaders to fast track their thinking, learn a toolbox of approaches,  and develop the LIFT leadership skills outlined above.

The Fast Future & SPARK Foresight programme is designed to develop world class digital leadership capabilities and help take organisations to higher levels of performance, impact, and value creation.

The programmes are led by Rohit Talwar, a globally renowned futurist and authority on future focused digital transformation.

Rohit Talwar a global futurist, award-winning keynote speaker, author, and CEO of Fast Future. He is globally recognised authority on digital disruption and the future of exponential technologies such as Web 3.0, AI, and Metaverses. For clients around the world, Rohit acts as a strategic advisor on future focused leadership, assessment of future readiness, technology horizon scanning, technology road mapping, and driving technology enabled transformation.

Rohit helps clients ensure they are fit for the future ‚Äď able to navigate disruption, understand the emerging landscape, and shape their own destinies. He has a passion around futureproofing ourselves, and advancing individual lives, society, government, and business. He shows how to do this by harnessing new ideas, accelerating innovation, and respond to disruptive developments such as radical strategies, new business models, and exponential technologies.

Rohit is currently helping clients embed foresight in the organisation, develop truly disruptive leaders, evolve their digital strategies towards a ‘corporation zero’ approach, and create strategies for Web 3.0, metaverses, and AI. His global clients include the government of Singapore, Finland, the US, and UK, and global corporations such as American Express, BP, Citi, IBM, Intel, Latham and Watkins, Mastercard, McKinsey, Microsoft, Novartis, PwC, Shell, Tata, and VISA. He is the author of nine books on the emerging future and has worked with leaders and executive audiences in over 70 countries on six continents.

 Masterclass Offerings

All of these three Masterclasses courses could be delivered as part of the existing offering, with the three course formats outlined below, under  the 360 degree offering of Framing. Masterclass, Consultation, and Advisory.

They can be offered as open enrolment and Tailored Masterclass for Organisations‚Äď both in-person and online – in the following formats:

  • A half day executive seminar
  • A one day deep dive immersion
  • A 1.5-2 day masterclass (or longer for tailored organisational programmes)


The Three Masterclasses

  • Fit for the Future

    – Assessing the readiness of the IT function to address future shifts, shocks, and disruptions.

  • Technology Foresight and Horizon Scanning ‚Äď Identifying and assessing the critical timeline of key technologies that could impact the business over the next one, three, and five years.
  • Technology Road Mapping ¬†– A process of aligning technology trends and the results of technology horizon scanning with business goals, strategies, and initiatives and our resulting technology investment plans. Providing the business with a clearly visual model of the likely future evolution of key technologies and the impacts, challenges, and opportunities they could create over time.
    This Road Mapping course builds on the Technology Foresight and Horizon Scanning programme, but can be taught as a standalone module if the attendees / organisation already have a strong technology scan in place. The Road Mapping course can also be combined with the Technology Foresight and Horizon Scanning course to create an integrated and customised offering for clients. They can also be taught back to back as open enrolment programs.








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