Executive Summary

Building a Cyber-Resilient Digital Ecosystem in Southeast Asia

Cyber resilience is becoming increasingly important in Southeast Asia as more organisations look to protect themselves against cyber threats and minimise the impact of cyber incidents. With the increasing reliance on technology, the rise of cyber-attacks will continue to plague organisations in this region. Notable threats in recent years include an increase in phishing, malware and ransomware attacks, particularly targeting small- and medium-sized enterprises. Greater penetration of IoT devices and cloud infrastructure has also increased vulnerabilities, leading to a higher rate of DDoS attacks and cyberattacks. As remote work is expected to be the norm, some room remains for organisations to better protect their remote workforce, as personal devices become attractive targets for data theft. The regionā€™s explosive growth in e-commerce and online payments has also become a hotbed for card fraud and identity theft.

Faced with threats such as phishing, malware, advanced persistent threats (APTs), IoT threats, DDoS attacks, etc., organisations can no longer only play the defensive game but must implement advanced tactics and tools to go on the offensive.

Council members are invited to share professional leadership experience and deep expertise in building cyber resilience in their organisations, as well as provide future-ready strategies, recommendations, and guidance as to how to navigate this urgent area of concern.

Cyber Council Members 2023/2024

Derek Gooh

Director, Govt CISO Office / Head, Ministry CISO, GovTech

Audrey Teoh

Group CISO, Singapore Post

Ho Kee-Vin

Director (Cybersecurity & Data Governance), Civil Aviation Authority Singapore (CAAS)

Murari Kalyanaramani

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Singapore, UOB

Frankie Shuai

APAC Regional Information Security Officer, DWS Group

Boris Hajduk

Group CISO, GoTo Group

Perry Young

Executive Director, Perimeter & Borderless Network Security, Standard Chartered Bank

Wong Pei Yuen

Group CISO and Vice President, Group Cyber Resilience, Singtel

Abhijit Dasgupta

Global Head - Technology Risk, Control & Governance, ManpowerGroup

Chng Tien San

Cyber Technology and Strategy, Temasek

Scott Lee

Head of Cybersecurity, SATS Ltd

Yogesh Madaan

CISO, Head Information & Cyber Security, Bukalapak

Bruce Leong

Director, Technology & Strategy, Mount Alvernia Hospital

Ashish Verma

Vice President (Data Tech), DBS Bank

Jagathesh Rajavasagam

Regional Risk & Cyber Security Officer, Abbott

Sunny Sun Wei


Cheri Lim

Chief Infomation Security Officer, Temasek

Alvin Lim

Group Technology and Information Security Director, Fullerton Health

Aseem Mohan

Director Identity and Cyber, Manpower Group


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