Amidst a shift of enterprise workloads to the cloud, SPARK will continue our mission to provide meaningful insights about the industry’s readiness, top challenges and opportunities, focusing shifts in digital transformation. 

Building digital services natively in the Cloud, coupled with game-changing rapid adoption of A.I., both into the development and deployment process, has unlocked massive productivity gains, but has also introduced new cyber-risks into organisations. This survey seeks to tap into the collective insights of industry leaders, to provide a deeper understanding about the state of readiness of organisations in dealing with new cyber risks related to A.I. driven transformation of digital engineering pipelines and cloud operating environments.

The industry is often faced with a dual challenge: ensuring comprehensive visibility and control over increasingly complex cloud environments, and maintaining a security posture that evolves at the speed of cloud development. Addressing these challenges is not just about technology adoption, but also about cultivating a culture of security and continuous improvement.

This report takes academic reference from the following Cloud Security Best Practice Frameworks:

Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP):

CNAPP focuses on securing cloud-native applications by providing protection against threats specific to cloud environments, ensuring the security of applications developed and deployed in the cloud.

Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP):

CWPP is designed to secure workloads in the cloud, offering protection for virtual machines, containers, and serverless functions to prevent attacks and ensure the integrity of cloud workloads.

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM):

CSPM involves continuously monitoring cloud environments to detect misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and compliance issues. It helps organizations maintain a strong security posture in the cloud by enforcing security policies, automating monitoring and remediation processes, and ensuring regulatory compliance

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