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4D3N Itinerary

Travel Dates: 4 – 8 March 2024

Why Visit Shenzhen 深圳

Explore the dynamic landscape of innovation in Shenzhen, a vibrant tier 1 city among China’s megacities, providing a comprehensive view of technological advancements across key sectors. SPARK’s GlobalExchange Programmes to China go beyond the surface, delving into practical solutions and real-world progress.

Visit Shenzhen’s tech district, a hub for innovation where industry leaders, Tencent and Huawei quietly push tech boundaries. Experience the efficiency of logistics robots in Hangzhou, Alibaba’s headquarters, showcasing the future of supply chains. Witness A.I. optimisation in Shanghai’s financial district, playing a more influential role on global finance today more than ever.

Leave behind conventional boardroom discussions, connect with visionary entrepreneurs, study tangible solutions in detail, and understand the pragmatism behind China’s technological progress.

Key Themes – Digital Innovation Discovery

Smart Government

& Smart City

Fintech Innovation

& Digital Banking

Digital Maritime & Port Operations

Smart Advanced Manufacturing

Intelligent First-to-Last Mile Logistics

Most Exciting Companies to Visit

Discover the latest Innovation in large-scale global auto-manufacturing, electric vehicle production, sustainability, cutting-edge technology showcase.

Discover how drone technologies are applied to various enterprise use-cases, how A.I drastically improves drone-use augmented with robotics and advanced computer vision.

Understand industry use-cases around A.I, global connectivity, mobile and 5G telecommunications advancements as well as consumer technologies.

Learn about Innovative finance, technology, insurance, healthcare advancements, and sustainable business practices.

Understand how Shenzhen’s Longgang District Government integrates seamlessly with everyday apps and smart-city innovations to govern and serve citizens

Use of A.I. in operating self-regulating, self-healing digital banking tech-stack, managing cost to serve at China’s scale, use of A.I. in customer acquisition and product innovation.

Delve into telecommunications technology, 5G discover use-cases, understand corporate strategy driving ZTEs’ global connectivity innovations.

Explore cutting-edge advancements A.I. and consumer media technologies. Deep dive into innovative AI applications and the evolving landscape of digital content creation and consumption

Learn more about the use of A.I. in advanced manufacturing, global logistics solutions, and discover the next frontier of global supply-chain management

Seeing is Believing!

SPARK’s GlobalExchange to Shenzhen 深圳 
offers Unparalleled Experiential Learning Programmes!

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