Future-Ready Strategies for Supply Chain Transformation

3:30PM – 5:00PM (SGT/MYT)

Supply chain operations and partnership ecosystems have increased in complexity in recent years. Consumers who are mostly digital natives and omnichannel experts, make purchasing decisions based on a wider spectrum of factors. Market share is no longer captured only by price and quality, but requires a trusted data-driven approach to address modern day demands around sustainability fair trade.

Manufacturers, logistics partners and retail brands today not only leverage technologies to unlock new productivity gains and realise massive cost savings in operations. It also is undergoing a paradigm shift that embraces supply chain transparency, provenance, traceability and sustainability to win over the hearts and minds of customers.

How can your organization pivot and turn supply chain operations and data intelligence into a powerful competitive advantage? Find out how digital trust today drives consumer demand and its role as the new ‘invisible hand’ to shape future of business.

Look forward to tech expert presentations and an interactive panel discussion involving industry practitioners and learn more about the latest technologies that enable closer industry collaborations, foster digital trust, and transform the digital customer experience!

Hear from tech experts as they share case studies and best practices on:

  • The latest digital trends that will shape the future of supply-chains  
  • How have these trends shaped new demands for a modern core digital systems?
  • How to extend  near real-time data intelligence capabilities to the edge
  • What will Smart supply-chain transformation mean for the existing workforce?


Vice President of Asia Region IT & Global Applications Support, Flextronics
Chief Information Officer
Schenker Logistics Malaysia
Chief Executive Officer,
CIO Academy Asia

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