#HASHTECH Unplugged! Cybersecurity orchestration in the healthcare sector

#HASHTECH Unplugged: Cybersecurity orchestration in the healthcare sector

Special Interview with:
Linus Tham, Group CIO, IHH Healthcare
Leonard Ong, Regional Information Security Officer, APAC, GE Healthcare
Alvin Rodrigues, Field Chief Security Officer – Asia Pacific, Infoblox

In this second part of this edition of #Hashtech Unplugged, tech leaders from Asia’s healthcare sector talk about Cybersecurity orchestration in the healthcare sector.

To be in business is to be ready for the future. There is a need to embrace the digital ecosystem.

“It is with continuous monitoring to be able to operate and maintain consumer and patient trust. For a patient, they want to trust the professional advice that’s being given to them is accurate. For a medical practitioner, they want to trust that the systems are there to enable them to do the best possible service that is given to their patients so that patients continue to trust them as a doctor. For an IT practitioner, they need to have trust in the systems that everything is flowing properly and that the medical devices are not compromised that could impact the entire workflow that delivers services to the doctor, and for the doctor; for them to send those sensitive prescription to the pharmacies, for them to deliver that to the patient.”

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