Executive Summary

Building Sustainability-Conscious Digital Partnership Ecosystems in Asia

SPARKā€™s inaugural Digital Leadersā€™ Sustainability (DLS) Think-Tank Asia is dedicated to fostering sustainability-conscious digital partnership ecosystems. The DLS Think-Tank Asia convenes top tech leaders, CEOs, sustainability experts, government agencies, and trade associations, to exchange valuable leadership insights on critical areas that enable organisations in Asia to achieve sustainability goals.

Recognising the need for cross-sector and cross-border collaboration to integrate sustainability into digital ecosystems, this think tank will explore partnership models that go beyond best practices, policy and regulations, guided by experts to develop practitioner frameworks that balance digital innovation and business transformation with environmental and social outcomes.

The DLS Think-Tank Asia will seek to prioritise possible initiatives and partnership imperatives across hot button issues such as scalable infrastructure, primarily around energy-efficient industrial, green energy utilization & software design, renewable integration, optimal resource utilization and circular economy principles. Digital inclusion and digital literacy may be covered as well.

These thought-provoking discussions set the foundation for collaborative actions, which will culminate in the production of practitioner playbooks, steering Asia's digital partnership ecosystems toward sustainability.

Sustainability Council Members 2023/2024

Prof Yeoh Lean Weng

Chief Sustainability Officer, A*Star

Henry Chang

Deputy Chief Executive. Services, Governance and Cybersecurity, GovTech

Kiren Kumar

Deputy Chief Executive (Development), Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)

Dalson Chung

President, Institution of Engineers, Singapore

Isabella Loh

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Singapore Environmental Council

Gan Boon Jin

Group Chief Sustainability Officer, SMRT

Dr. Lee Hui Mien

Senior Director, Group Environmental Sustainability, Singtel

Seeram Ramakrishna

Professor, National University of Singapore

Martijn Hoogerwerf

Head of Sustainable Finance APAC, ING Bank


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